October 19, 2016

What Tablet Should You Buy?

With tablets coming in various different sizes and operating systems, picking one might be a daunting task at times. If you are having a hard time deciding on which tablet you want to buy, then these guidelines should help you decide.

Screen sizeThe screen size can be a very important factor when deciding on a tablet. If you would like a tablet with a larger screen size then it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would be more expensive, although this is often the case. The common tablet screen sizes tend to range from 6.5” to around 10.5”. Anything less than this and they are classed under “phablets” or smart phones as they will most likely come with features that let you make calls. If you are purchasing the tablet for gaming, then the larger screen sizes may be more appropriate.

BudgetYour budget will be able to narrow down the different types of tablets that are available. If you would like a high end tablet then you could get microsoft promotion in Singapore, iPad Pro or Google Pixel C as these are some of the flagships for each of the different OS. If your budget is more on the cheaper end, then you might not be able to afford the latest iOS tabs as these are a lot more expensive than the others. In general, if you are getting a tablet for high end gaming, you should be having a much bigger budget.

Operating SystemThere are 3 main types of operating systems that are commonly found in most tabs. Android is the most popular of these and they do have a wide variety to select from. If you are looking for cheap tablets, then this might be the go to option as there are cheaper tabs that come with Android. Windows is another OS, which is more suitable for work related uses due to its ability to synchronise easily with your laptop or PC. They aren’t recommended for gaming however, as they might not be able to handle some of the high end PC games. The other option is iOS which is the most expensive of the lot, but does have its benefits with the specifications.

ApplicationsUltimately, your decision will depend entirely on the applications that you will be using the tablet for. If it is for reading, then you could go for a cheaper android or Microsoft tablet. If you want high end gaming, then you might want to consider the iOS or android devices. This will be the deciding factor when it comes to the specific model of tablet that you are getting.

Therefore, by considering these guidelines you should be able to choose a tablet that is right for you.