August 9, 2017

Shipping companies are well aware of the fact that not each and every client has the capacity of shipping their products in the standard garden variety cardboard box. Therefore they offer a set of much wider solutions out of which some are ideal for certain types of businesses. Here are some of the most common packing methods that are offered by these companies.

Pallets and crates

Pallets and crates make up one of the most important parts of a shipping business. These are also some very sturdy methods of storage. They often act as a sort of hard outer wrap and prevent any harm that might befall the goods until they have been delivered to the correct owners. Pallets will keep the products raised above the floor of the carrier they are being taken in or the place where there are being stowed.  Therefore, it provides protection from grit and grime as well as dampness. Plastic and wood are the two most common materials that are used for crates and pallets because they can be recycled as well.

Shrink wrapping

This is a very good packing tip even when it comes to warehouse rental Singapore. You can easily shrink wrap different packages together in groups which will make transportation easier. Good examples of shrink wrapping can be seen in stores that sell bundles of A4 papers and CDs. When you use shrink wrapping you are protecting your products against hard impact, abrasion and other kinds of damage. It also makes everything neater.

Vacuum packing

This is a great idea for any products that need to be sealed off from climate and environmental conditions. This is mostly used to pack away perishable food items and they are also very popular for dehydrated goods because of their design which is very compact. Campers and backpackers also use this method of packaging quite often. This method of stowing goods away makes sure that no oxygen gets to the product thereby also repelling bacteria, yeast and any mold. Even if you keep it in the freezer you will notice that food in vacuum packing stay fresh for longer than food in normal packaging. Medicine also uses vacuum packaging.

Preservation packing

This is more of a combination of both vacuum packaging and shrink wrapping which is meant to keep or preserve the original condition of the goods, as the name suggests. It also involves other types of packaging such as cans of aluminum and cartons used for eggs and milk. Bubble wrap is also used in this method of packaging. It is very lightweight and is also very cheap. It helps to cushion all the products and keeps the impact damage at a minimum.

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