5 Precautionary Measures Every Construction Worker Must Take

Construction work is regarded as one of the most dangerous occupation in the world. With massive equipment, great heights, deep holes, fires, electricity and many more dangerous elements that could ever be, construction workers are always at high risk. No matter how much of a safety assurance your contractor may give you, it is your duty to be cautious and take care of yourself like when you are using commercial vehicles. So here are five simple points to keep in mind.

1. Double-check your work areas.A scaffold is a vital element in this industry. There are ample number of injuries reported every year that has taken place while working on scaffolds. You should always make sure if it has been build according to a standard with a strong base under professional supervision. Also remember to never start work on incomplete scaffolds. The same advice goes for ladders, boom and scissor lift in Singapore and other equipment that are used for work done high above. Lifts could raise you high above ground and falling off it will lead to death, not just a broken leg.

2. Be careful with electricity and equipmentConstruction sites require a lot of electricity and equipment, especially lifting equipment such as a scissor or boom lift. You should always make sure there are no damaged areas in equipment which could sabotage the safety of workers. Also, go through the safety precautions for each piece of equipment. If you do not know them, ask from a professional. Plugged portable devices should be handled with extreme care. Make sure the metal casing grounded with a power supply including an earth leakage circuit breaker. Never allow equipment to come in contact with water.

3. Use fencing and prevent firesThe most common injury in a worksite is falling off unprotected and unfenced heights. You need to always think of your safety first and take necessary measures to apply fencing wherever needed. With many chemicals and welding going on, there is a high risk of fire. Hence, the site should have fire extinguishers and obviously be mindful to keep flammable material away from open flames. All workers should know the safety exit route and contractors should practice safety drills regularly.

4. Wear protective apparel and keep first aid standbyIt is the responsibility of employers to provide you with all the needed safety suits, however if you haven’t received them, it is your duty to ask for them. Well-fitted helmets, eye wear, ear plugs, gloves etc. are a must. If you are working at heights, make sure your harness is intact. Also, you should always wear bright apparel so that you could be easily spotted from afar. Hence you will not be run over by heavy duty equipment. First aid is compulsory and should be within quick reach at all times. The larger the site, the number of first aid kits should be higher.