Celebrating Your Birthday In Style

If you’re the type of person that prefers to be in control of things, and love to plan, then you’ve come to the right place. We all love when things go our way, more so if it’s our own birthday party. Follow through to get started on planning your party.

Theme and VenueWhether it’s your 16th birthday party or your 21st, we all love a theme. The theme decides your props, decoration, outfits and getting the best cakes. You can even ask your guests to come dressed in a way that matches your theme! Be it a superhero or garden themed birthday party, as soon as you’ve decided on one, jump right onto choosing a venue. This helps you decide on the placement of the food and deco, and puts everything into perspective!

Guest list and InvitationsOnce the venue and time of the party have been pronounced, start making your guest list! It’s your day, so you could go all out on invitees list or you could just stick to the closest, for an intimate evening of fun. You can also either DIY your invitations to cut on the costs or get them done from outside if that’s what you prefer. There are several cool invitation ideas you can look up on the internet, customize to your liking and order online or make yourself.

Catering and foodNext in the list comes the catering. You can get the finger food customized to suit the theme, which would make eating and looking at the food table a hundred times more interesting and fascinating. Go through menus together with your caterer, and settle on one that fits the time and mood of the party. When it comes to choosing your birthday cake, you can find a number of bakers that customize and do the classic birthday cake delivery in Singapore for you. Customize the cake in a manner that fits your selected theme!

Deco and entertainmentThen comes decorating and entertainment. You can order customized decorations online if your budget agrees to it, this is a fun way to ensure everything surrounds your theme. Get a few to give you a hand on decorating, and start on the decorating process early. Blowing balloons and placing them high gets tedious, so you can take shifts. When it comes to entertainment, you can hire a DJ or even a live band to light up your birthday party. This ensures that your guests will have an entertaining time.Good luck celebrating your birthday in the best way possible!