Difference Between Having And Not Having An Enterprise Resource Planning System

There are certain activities that can have a lot of difference between them when you are using some kind of technology to complete the work and not using technology to complete the work. For example, writing something by hand, especially if this something is a novel can be a time consuming task. However, if you use the computer and type the novel from the beginning using whatever novel writing software you think is good, you will be able to complete the task at a faster pace.In this same manner, a cloud ERP solution can help you manage your business activities better. However, in order to properly understand the value of an Enterprise Resource Planning system we have to consider the difference between having and not having such a system.

Not Having

In a company that does not have an Enterprise Resource Planning system the activities are done in the usual, traditional way. You will follow the traditional record keeping methods. You employees will be in charge of generating the bills and invoices for the company. You will have to spend more time in making business decisions as it takes more time to access all the records that you want to look at before making the decision. You customers and suppliers could be having a hard time because there can be certain problems in working with them. Also, in such an environment, you yourself will have to plan the daily activities without any help.


When you are using an Enterprise Resource Planning system you will have business activities that flow much easier. The system will be keeping all your records. Therefore, if you need to access old record you can do it within minutes without wasting time. Also, ERP business solutions provide you with the ability to create bills automatically. That means the system is in charge of the billing process. That will help to reduce human errors and save time and resources allocated for that process. Even your customers and suppliers will be happy as the system will make sure that your company and they have a good connection between each other. This system will also help you plan your daily activities and then keep track of them.

It is obvious that a proper Enterprise Resource Planning system offers many more opportunities for a company to carry out their business activities smoothly than in an environment that does not use such a system. Therefore, by using such a system in your company too you can carry on with your business activities in a better manner.