Hosting A Christmas Charity Event From Your Work Place

Every year companies spend massive amounts of money on Christmas parties and events for themselves but this year, you could perhaps choose to do something different by hosting a party for the under privileged with that money. It will still be a lot of fun and will have all the elements of a normal Christmas party such as good food and decorations and great music but you will also be using your power to help to make someone else’s Christmas special as a team and this has the power to make your team closer as well on the long run.

Hiring professionalsYou can choose to either do it yourself or you can choose to hire an event company in Singapore to organize the event for you. Doing it yourself will obviously save you a lot more money but it will mean you and your team using office time and working hours to organize the party which may not be approved by your boss. In fact, you could even consider asking an event management company to come on board as a sponsor and to help you plan the event for free in exchange for publicity at the event and publicity on your social media pages and such. In most cases, companies will agree to help with charity events in exchange for publicity.

If you have a pa system in the office, you can use this for the event instead of having to spend money on renting sound equipment needed for the event

Get everyone involvedTry to get everyone of your office staff involved by asking them to each bring a dish to share with these people as well as with their colleagues. This would be a potluck event which will help you to reduce the cost of the overall event or help you invite more people to the event. You will then have to make a list of the invitees for your event. You can approach an orphanage or two that can bring their kids to your venue or you can choose to have the event at their own venue if that is easier for them. You can also ask around for gift donations from your friends, family and even clients. You can send out a memo to your clients and suppliers to let them know of your event and invite them to donate toys or other necessities to the cause. It is guaranteed that you will get many things and that you will have an extremely successful event.