How To Brighten Up Your House With Colours?

It’s exciting to give your house a new look now and then. It breaks the monotony in seeing the same interior all the time. You don’t need to be a professional designer when it comes to sprucing up your house. There are a few basic rules you have to stick to. Colour is crucial for a well-designed and decorated home. In this article, we are focusing on how you can manage colour and use it in a way that will transform and beautify your house.
Do not overwhelm a room with colourOne thing to remember when adding colour to your house is not to let colour overwhelm the place. If there are so many bright paints and elements in a room, someone coming into the house will have difficulty in maintaining their attention. They will not have an idea where to look. You have a hierarchy when it comes to the spaces in your house. And within these spaces, you should establish an order. There will be a centrepiece that will attract the viewer’s eye at the start and a backdrop that supports the overall theme. You can research home interior decors in Singapore or read about it to gain an understanding of how to arrange your home furniture and surroundings.
Having an element of colourBy having an element of colour, you will draw the attention of the viewer onto it. As explained below, this will set an order and allow the visitor to take in the aesthetics of the room at a gradual pace. There will be a few main features of the room. One such feature would be residential furniture. It can be the centre point of the room. If your furniture is a bit drab, you can spice it up by adding colourful throw pillows and changing the fabric of the furniture. The main feature of the room has to be supported with a neutral backdrop of colour. Another way of catching attention is through ornaments. You have to be careful in selecting ornaments because they have to fit into the general theme of the room.
Highlighting the entrywayAnyone entering your house will be first faced with the entrance door. You can set the theme for your house right from the beginning by selecting a beautiful entrance. You can pick a bold colour or a different style for the entrance door so that it pops out from the general drab surrounding. You can also choose to frame the doorway with vegetation. You can try two plants flanking the doorway.
Maintaining balance between light and dark coloursYou have to remember a simple rule. That is, dark colours will make a room look smaller while light colours can make it bigger. Therefore, darker colours are used for intimate spaces such as bedrooms while light colours can brighten up a gathering space like a living room or kitchen. If you have a staircase in a dark corner of the house, you can immediately brighten it up by adding a light coloured carpet runner. Dark elements in a light room will attract attention and will serve as elements that highlight the space.