How To Take Care Of A Large Dog

You must think about the correct tools which will help you take care of your large dog. There are many instructions on the internet which state as to how a dog must be taken care of. Sometimes large dogs require a lot of help as they need to be maneuvered from one place to another. Here is how you must take care of your large dog:

BRUSH THE FUR WELL You must brush your dog’s fur well this will help to remove any tangles and keep the fur in a good condition. This will prevent any serious rashes and sores. Make sure that you do keep a tab on the fur growth. Some might even develop flees over a period of time if it is not looked into carefully. If you are confused you can hire a professional dog groomer in Singapore for the task too.

BATHE REGULARLY Large dogs tend to have bad body or fur odor which can become rather repulsive overtime. It needs to be brushed and washed on a regular basis. Sometimes you might even have to use a medicated shampoo to remove any dirt from the fur. The doctor might recommend some for use if he or she feels that the animal requires a special treatment.

CLIP NAILS CAREFULLY Large animals have larger nail beds so you need to be careful while you do clip his or her nails. Make sure that you do it every couple of weeks to prevent hang nails from forming. The nails can become extremely dirty and dark brown in color. Sometimes bacteria and other pathogens can become lodged in the area. You can visit a pet shop to purchase a sturdy pair of nail clippers which is easy for you to use.

CHECK THE EYES AND EARS The eyes and ears must be clear and free of any obstructions. Sometimes you might notice that your pet has some sort of obstruction in the eye and ear region. It can cause vision and hearing impairment if not treated on time. Make sure that you do take your animal to the vet if it is something which you cannot treat on your own. Some illnesses can spread rapidly overtime which can even result in death. Remember that you must think about how you can take care of your large dog better. Make sure that you do carry out the necessary treatment plans for your pet if you feel that he or she is sick or lifeless. This will enhance the quality of its life too. Make sure you purchase the correct vitamins when you visit the doctor at the next scheduled appointment.