Party Planning Made Easier

Shouldering the responsibility of planning a party isn’t an easy job! You’ll need to start on your planning weeks prior to the actual date, look up different ideas, consider all opinions and send out the invitations before it’s too late! However, you can make the process of the planning very exciting if you follow the necessary steps and keep a positive attitude at all times. Listed below are the steps shortened and made easier to help smoothen the entire process.

Picking an appropriate theme
First and foremost is the picking of a theme. Once you have your theme all picked out, everything surrounds the theme. This is the foundation to any occasion, and should be chosen as early as possible. The number of different themes you can choose from are a vast, you can mix and match a few themes or pick something complete out of the norm. The theme depends on what sort of party/event it is, so take this into consideration.

Venue and decoration
The next step is the choosing of a venue, and must be done as early as possible in order to avoid any disappointments. Once your venue has been chosen, take a day off to go and inspect the area and picture how you’d want the party to appear. Draw out a mental picture and then put it all out in a piece of paper so that you don’t forget. Once you’re at the venue, take a look around and decide on what decoration goes where, pick out a proper place to have the Singapore photo booth, the chocolate fountain and the food! Having a mental picture and planning out early is the first step to making your party a huge success.

Food and catering
Once the theme, venue, decoration, color combination is done with, you have to focus on the next most important factor to any party; the food. You’ll have to do your research and pick a caterer that fits all your needs, will you have an open bar, a BBQ and a dessert corner? Will you opt for a three or four course meal? Decide together with your caterer and figure out what type of food would best suit the party.

Activities and entertainment
Once the food has been sorted, comes the entertainment you’ll be providing for the night. Make sure it fits the type of guests coming to the party, take into consideration the majority age group and choose wisely! Hire someone that’s excellent at event photography so you’ll have no regrets at the end of the night.

Add in a few exciting activities to light up the party and make sure there’s someone to always capture the moments.
Good luck planning an extravagant party!