Saving Energy In Commercial Buildings

You must be wondering if it really is possible to save energy in commercial buildings when our home electricity bill does not seem to be reducing no matter what we do. Well, the answer is yes and if you actually try minimizing the electricity bill at home is not really a challenge.

Here are a few things the owners and occupants of offices, warehouses, shopping malls, etc. can do to minimize the energy consumption. This will not only give you an economical benefit but will also assist in preserving the energy sources for the future generations.

Observe and analyze the utilization patterns

When you look into the pattern of energy consumption it is easier to find out when the occupants consume more and when they use less power. Accordingly, you can take steps to shut down power supply or minimize it as appropriate to the particular areas where the consumption is low or is non-existent at a given time.

Check the functionality of equipment

If an item is not functioning as desired, the amount of energy it consumes is more. You would have noticed that electrical equipment tend to consume more as they get older. Someone like an electrician or even a circuit breaker supplier would be in a position to give you a detailed explanation on why this happens.

Switch off equipment when they are not in use

As a preliminary step you can ask the tenants and occupants to turn off the apparatus when they are not using them and you can have policies and guidelines in place to ensure that they adhere to the request. In addition, you can also install things like motion sensors so that the lights and all can be automatically switched off when no one is in the area.  

You may need to have a good wireless network product distributor in place if you are going to incorporate technology in saving energy in the building.

Use low energy consumption lighting solutions and natural light

Due to the advancements in technology we are presented with various lighting options and most of the newer ones are concerned about saving power. Switch to LED lighting if you have not already done so as the benefits are a lot higher than the initial costs you will have to incur in replacing the existing lighting.

If possible, you can resign the building so that natural light is utilized to its maximum. For example, if you are considering a shopping mall you can have a lot of glass and an open space in the middle to ensure that a lot of sunlight gets in so that you will not have to use artificial lighting even when it is pretty sunny outside.

Check the ventilation system

The air conditioners and heaters consume a lot of power and, therefore, they should be properly serviced and the repairs should be attended to promptly. 

If you take the initiative to reduce power usage in the building you will soon notice how much you can save from the utility bill that you have been paying all along.